Collection: Signature CREEK soap

We are so excited to be offering our very own signature CREEK soap! Bring the outdoors inside with this handmade goat milk soap. At our Family-owned mini farm in Oklahoma milking goats is a daily chore to feed the family. This has created a unique opportunity to share with others the rich health benefits of fresh, raw goat milk. Goat milk soap is quickly becoming a widely sought after soap for its safe and gentle properties to clean and nourish your skin.
While these soaps grow in popularity, the quality of ingredients tends to diminish. At our farm we only use raw and fresh goat milk from our goats. Saponified thru a cold process to preserve the most nutrients. We do NOT use store bought, processed, or powdered milk. We do NOT add synthetic ingredients, fragrance, or colors. This is a handmade, small batch soap made on the farm. It doesn’t get much cleaner than that.  Our signature CREEK soap is made with simplicity in mind. Clean and gentle, unscented soap made with the best ingredients from nature. 

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